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7 Steps to Becoming a Women's Lacrosse Official

  1. Send an email to your local Umpire Board indicating you are interested in becoming a Women’s Lacrosse Umpire.  If you want to officiate in the Orange and Riverside County area, send an email to Steve Perry. Give us your contact information (name, address, email, phone and indicate if you are interested in umpiring youth only or all levels of lacrosse), and we will use it only to get in touch with you about lacrosse training clinics.

  2. Attend an Officials Clinic! At the clinic, you will be taught the rules of the game as well as how to control the match so it is played in a safe and fair manner. You will also be given the information on how to complete your umpire training as well as how to join US Lacrosse. 

  3. Join an Umpire Association! At the conclusion of the New Officials Clinic, you will be provided a form to join an Officials Association. For a nominal membership fee, you receive training and assignments once you receive a rating. New umpires will need to provide themselves a whistle, lanyard, flag, warning cards, a black-and-white striped shirt, black shorts/kilt, and black shoes.

  4. Join US Lacrosse! All members are required to join US Lacrosse before umpiring any games. US Lacrosse provides umpires with insurance, rule books and training. NEW members will receive information regarding joining US Lacrosse at the new umpire clinic, or can join at the first meeting -- returning umpires must renew their membership with US Lacrosse online prior to the September 30 annual renewal date.

  5. Take the Umpire test! Upon completion of classroom training and joining US Lacrosse, you will need to take and pass the annual Rules Examination. All umpires must pass an annual rules test based on the level of play they officiate. 

    • Passing scores are determined by your rating and are as follows:

    • Youth/Junior = 80% or better on "Youth Rules Test"

    • Apprentice = 80% or better on "USL Rules Test" AND 8/10 on "Youth Questions"

    • Local = 86% or better on "USL Rules Test" AND 8/10 on "Youth Questions" 

    • District = 90% or better on "USL Rules Test" AND 8/10 on "Youth Questions" or 8/10 and/or "NCAA Questions" 

    • National = 92% or better on "USL Rules Test" AND 8/10 on "Youth Questions" or 8/10 and/or "NCAA Questions"

  6. Get field trained and rated! Upon completion of classroom instruction, umpires will be scheduled for field training, during which they will umpire on the field with a mentor/trainer and receive additional instruction. If successful, they will receive a rating. 

  7. Register with Arbiter, our assigning software. Once you are a certified umpire, we will create a user account for you on Arbiter. Your assignments to games will come to you via email and will be available for viewing online at


      Note: All umpires in our Associations are required to attend an Annual Rules Interpretation at the start of the season, usually in late January.

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