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The Orange County Women's Lacrosse Umpire Association is a membership organization that trains, supports and assigns officials for women’s lacrosse in the Orange County and Inland Empire areas. OCWLUA officials are trained, rated and certified in accordance with the guidelines set forth by US Lacrosse.

To promote and facilitate a safe environment for women’s lacrosse; train and rate new officials, develop and retain higher-rated officials, and contribute to the overall values of sportsmanship and teamwork in the Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside and Counties.

The Orange County Women's Lacrosse Umpire Association has adopted bylaws which govern the operations of the OCWLUA Board. The OCWLUA Board consists of up to six individuals, elected by its membership, who are responsible for managing the affairs and property of the OCWLUA, determining its policies, supervising the disbursement of funds, and actively pursuing its purposes and objectives.


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