CIF Misconduct & Injury Reports

Below is the process we need to follow when a player receives two yellow cards in the same game.

  • ​Notify the coach after the game that the player, per CIF guidelines has been ejected, and she is unable to participate in the next played game.

  • Forfeited games do not count for this suspension, only played games.

  • Make sure you get the players name and jersey number.

  • Complete the CIF Misconduct report immediately after the game.

  • Completing the misconduct form is MANDATORY.

  • Discuss with your partner which one will complete the form, but make sure it is done.

  • For Orange County schools, select Speed Castillo as the liaison. 

  • For Riverside County schools, select Dennis Pratt as the liaison. 

  • Once you click the Submit button, the report is sent to the liaison and you will receive a copy for your records. Please send a copy of the report to Steve Perry. 

  • Click here to go to the CIF Misconduct & Injury Report on the CIF website.

  • Under the Sport section, choose Lacrosse in the drop down.

  • Password is 123.

  • Then click sign in.

  • Select “Ejection Misconduct” for 2 yellows or “incident” for concussions.

Double Yellow Procedure